MidgardMu S18 X500

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Website midgardmu.net
Version X500 Opening 17.March
Type New Server Custom reset rewards Custom options
United States
Last Update13 Mar 2023
Join Date22 Aug 2022


MidgardMu S18 X500

Midgard Mu Online Season Project Opening 17.March


Server complexity: Medium. Experience rate 500x can be boosted by party, pets, buffs, items, provides casual gameplay! Extra rewards can be claimed with reset milestones! Game drops: Medium rate on jewels, pets! Chaos combination level up: till +11 100%

Exp: X500, Master: x500, Majestic: x500

Reset: 400lvl in-game! 1KK zen * Reset, 10 GoblinPoints + 1000 RUUD per reset command /reset, Stats after reset Burns, Max stats: 32000 Regular points per level

Reset rewards can be claimed on website:
1 Reset: Red Fenrir
5 Resets: Jewel Of Level
20 Resets: Jewel Of FO
50 Resets: Jewel Of FO
100 Resets: Rage Earings FO
200 Resets: Third Wings Box
300 Resets: Ice Dragon +15FO
400 Resets: Pearce Lion +15FO
500 Resets: Shining Tail +15FO

Shops: NPC for all classes with weapons

Each Class has its own NPC with all skills (ruud skills included)

Balanced PVP and buffed PVP for max stats style gameplay!

Exciting PVE from o resets till maximum stats!

Regular events, elites and mini-bosses!

Full new item drop, including new character items in top maps!

HDID limit: 5 accounts can be played from one PC at a time.

Usefull commands
Reset Character (needs 400level): /reset
Chat: /post (Only show sub server you are) /gpost (Shows on all servers)
Add Stats: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd
Add all free stats on all possitions evenly: /addstats
Decrease Stats: /decstr, /decagi, /decvit, /decene, /deccmd
OffLevel: /offlevel (12Hours time limit, DC if killed ingame)
Open NPC anywhere in game: /npc
Open warehouse anywhere inagme: /store
Gift command to get Brown Panda ring + Pet: /panda