MU Faith - Season 16

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Website Website
Discord Discord
Version MU Custom Wings Season 16
Type Custom 9999999x
Last Update30 Nov 2021
Join Date25 Nov 2021



•HD Resolution Support
•Auto Reconnect System
•Glow System shinny your items in own colours
•Custom Items System add own items up to 512 per group
•Possible Item Combinations Ancient, Excellent Ancient, Excellent, Socket with up to 5 Spheres Support, JoH Items, 380 Items, Harmony Items System up to +13
•Support of high attack speed for all Skills and Classes (no speed bug)
•Multi Language Support: English, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Vietnam and more (included translations: English, Portuguese, Spanish)
•Party & Guild Matching
•Pandora Jewel and Mining System
•Advanced VIP System with a range of benefits of being VIP
•Event Reward System
•Off-Trade System sell the Stuff for any type of coin or cash
•Off-Levelling gain exp being offline
•Auto Party System Leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK
•Multi-ware System which allows to use more then one vault per account
•Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options
•Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map
•Original Mini Maps
•Gens System with Gens Chat Support
•Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more)
•Pentagram system (including new Pentagrams)
•Elemental Damage System
•Fruits System
•Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse
•New Trade Feature move items to and from the trade with right click of the mouse
•Mu Helper BOT System
•Marry System advanced Marry System to get a wonderful wedding with your love
•Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets
Much Much more!