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Website Website
Version 99 99b
Type 5x Classic Hard Slow Vip Spots
Last Update08 Mar 2021
Join Date17 Feb 2021

Server Info

- Version: 99b Downgrade Sin Items Custom
- Exp & Drop: 5x - 10%
- Max item level: +13+16
- Max Excellent Opt: 3 Opt+Luck
- Max non exc item: Eclipse - Aschrow - Iris
- Active MU Helper
- Active automatic reconnection

- In-game tradeable WPoints
- WCash redeemable into real cash.
- Activity Points reward system
- Offstore - You can leave your char selling offline.
- PK item drop - 20% Chance to drop any item from murderers at 0-9 levels.

Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
GM Events (WCash prizes)
PvP Tournaments (Weekly WCash prizes)
Weekly Activity Points ranking (WCash prizes)

- "/s 100" add 100 str points
- "/a 100" add 100 agi points
- "/v 100" add 100 vit points
- "/e 100" add 100 ene points
-/reauto Automatic Request on/off
-/attack Automatic Attack on/off
-/offattack Out server automatic attack (Limit Free 3 Hours)