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Website Website
Discord Discord
Version Season 6
Type 2500x FREE TIER 2 PACK with SS5 Mid High Rate Server Frequent In game Events Friendly Community
Last Update12 Jan 2021
Join Date13 Jun 2020

Server Info

Filipino-owned server. Freshly founded in the month of June and have a continuously growing community in-game and in discord. Staff is consistently working on updates solely for the purpose of improving the server.

ANGELIC MU | SEASON 6 EPISODE 15 | FREE TIER 2 PACK with SS5 | Unique In-Game Quests and EVENTS | Balance Classes for PVP/PVM | ACTIVE GM and STAFFS | Friendly Community | Frequent In-game Events | Mid - High Rate Server | Do not miss to be a part of this angelic community! | COME AND PLAY NOW! |