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Version season 9
Type No Resets No MuHelper 3xp NowOnline
United Kingdom
Last Update12 Jun 2020
Join Date08 Jun 2020


PNB-MuOnline "PlayNotBot"

Hello MuOnline Players! my name is James.

I long for MuOnline where people actually play. A server where a level 300 was something to be proud of. Gone are the day when you have to actually play MuOnline... Well until Now!. On PNB-MuOnline every person you meet online is actually playing. Crazy I know.

But cant people just purchase items? NO, they can't, there is no webshop. You can only purchase VIP to boost rates by a max of 50%. (But even VIP can be obtained F2P by voting!)

So if you want to play a low rates server that is truly F2P. You have come to the right place.


Server Settings

Experience Rates: 2.5xp Normal, 3x Bronze, 3.5x Gold.

Master Experience: 1.5x Normal, 2x Bronze, 2.5x Gold.

Drop Rates: 10% Normal, 12.5% Bronze, 15% Gold.

No Resets

Max level: 1000

Mu Helper: Disabled (Macroers will be banned)

Elf Soldier Buff: Level 200

VIP Benefits: Max 50% experience boost and drop rate (Can also be obtained from voting).

Cash Shop: DISABLED (Play to Win only)

Server Launched Friday 19th June at 1pm GMT+0 (London time)


Server Links

Website: (Still under construction)

Discord: (Still under construction)

If you are interested and have any ideas please contact me on discord.

Thank you guys for reading Sincerely James.