MoltenMU S3

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Version Season 3 S3
Type x100 Custom Events Market OffPvP OffAttack Dynamic Resets Zen Economy Jewel Economy
United Kingdom
Last Update01 Jul 2020
Join Date02 Jun 2020


Custom Season 3 with new systems to enhance your experience greatly! We offer x100 server with good monster configuration that will challenge you! All of the season 3 events are working and drop amazing prizes for you to continue your journey. We are a community driven server - your feedback means something and will be taken into consideration as we want to hear our players and with continuous updates make this server better. Additionally we offer Market system for you to easier sell items, MuHelper and OffAttack to allow players leveling and gathering precious items during their off-time. As a PVP server sometimes things get rough for weaker players - until 5 resets you can use /offpvp command to enter PvE only mode to not be bothered. Also added reconnect system so you never disconnect from the server! Dynamic Reset Price will make Zen economy valuable and medium rate jewel drop will help you with trading items. You can earn Honor Points from different events and use them in Cash Shop purchases. Alternatively offer VIP memberships and Gold Credits purchases which allows you to buy various items from our Cash Shop (Items that can be acquired in game). We have more to offer in future - so REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT NOW!

Change Logs
03 Jun 2020

[0.4 Changelog]

Increased Orbs for ME drop. 
Increased Orbs for BK drop.
Increased Orbs for MG drop.
Increased Scrolls for SM drop.
Increased Scrolls for DL drop.

Decreased SM PvE damage. 
Increased BK PvE damage. 
Increased ME PvE damage. 
Increased DL PvE damage. 

Added player quick offer menu (left alt + right mouse click on player) 

Added more items in Silver Medal.
Added more items in Gold Medal.

Minor edits in Devias map.
Minor edits in Atlans map.
Minor edits in Aida map. 

Added /attack command.
Added /offattack command.
Added /offpvp command that disables/enables PVP for your character with 30 minute delay. (works until 5 resets (VIP infinite)).
Fixed /readd command (Delay: 30minutes).

Fixed Kanturu Event opening to every 3hours. 

DS Honor Point Reward Reduced by 30%.
BC Honor Point Reward Reduced by 30%. 
CC Honor Point Reward Reduced by 30%.
Golden Goblin spawn increased from 5 to 10. 

Added Phantom Soldier in Lorencia. 
Added Phantom Soldier in Noria.
Added Phantom Soldier in Devias. 
Phantom Soldier buff until 250 level (VIP 350 level). 

Enabled Happy Hours from 22:00 - 00:00 server time (+50exp) 

1st level Wings mix rate changed from 75% to 80% (VIP 95%) 
2nd level Wings mix rate changed from 65% to 70% (VIP 85%) 
3rd level Wings mix rate changed from 60% to 65% (VIP 80%) 
Chaos Weapon mix rate changed from 80% to 100%

05 Jun 2020

Please update your client to 0.5 version with Launcher.

In this update we patched some economy related things. Now we have a pretty good idea from statistics how much players can earn zen, jewels and other valuables. At the moment all players are moving with unreal speed and breaking the economy. It was time to adjust it, check below what has changed.

[0.5 Changelog]

Fixed Invasion duration times from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

Decreased drop rate for Dark Horse Spirit.

Decreased drop rate for Raven Spirit.

Decreased all jewel drop rate.

Fixed Dark Horse Spirit Sell Value to 2kk zen.

Fixed Raven Spirit Sell Value to 1kk zen.

Fixed Reset Prices. Added Orbs of Summon drop for ME.

Increased Horn of Uniria drop.

Increased MuHelper cost. Increased /post cost.

Increased move map cost.

Fix Scroll of Summon drop from Aida to Icarus.

Vote Reward Gold Credits decreased to 8 per vote.

13 Jun 2020

0.6 is here!

In 0.6 we worked on balancing monsters, classes and again - Zen. So far everything with these new configurations seem to work. Reset prices are now way better than they were before and Zen drop is moderate, which we shouldn't touch anymore. If you notice a problem with some of the things that 0.6 includes - please report it in discord!

[0.6 Changelog]

Increased monster strength in following maps: Aida, Crywolf, Kanturu1-2, Kanturu Relics, Kalima.
Increased monster strength in following events: Skeleton King, White Wizard, Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Kanturu Event, Crywolf Event.

Fixed Random Class Party Experience.
Fixed Unique Class Party Experience.

Fixed Item level upgrade with Jewel of Soul Rate = 60% / 75%
Fixed Item upgrade with Jewel of Harmony Rate = 50% / 60%
Fixed Items +Luck success rate increases +10%

Event Experience = +10exp / +15exp

Added 1 Silver Valkyrie spot in Atlans.
Added 1 Lizard King spot in Atlans.
Added 1 Bloody Wolf spot in Tarkan.
Added 1 Iron Wheel spot in Tarkan.
Added 1 Tantalos spot in Tarkan.
Added 1 Zaikan spot in Tarkan.

Decreased Jewel Drop in Castle Deep.
Decreased overall Jewel Drop.
Decreased Dark Lord PvE damage.
Decreased Crest of Monarch drop.
Decreased Loch`s Feather drop.

Added Disconnect function when trying to login in account that is already online.

Increased Elf PvE damage.
Decreased Lord PvE damage.
Decreased Knight PvE damage.
Decreased Gladiator PvE damage.

Fixed Reset Cost to 20kk x Reset Amount.
Fixed VIP Reset Cost to 17kk x Reset Amount.

Fixed Zen drop.
Fixed Zen value drop.

Fixed 3rd Quest (all stages).

Fixed Bloody Golem skill.
Fixed Bloody Witch Queen skill.

Fixed /reset command in Crywolf.

Increased Zen Reward in Devil Square for all levels.

Fixed Dark Elf respawn time to 30 minutes.

23 Jun 2020

[0.7 Changelog]

Increased monster strength in following maps: Kanturu1-2, Kanturu Relics.
Chaos Castle Monsters damage & defense reduced.

Increased Death Bone health.
Increased Death King health.
Increased Destructive Ogre Soldier health.
Increased Destructive Ogre Archer health.
Increased White Wizard health.
Increased Budge Dragon health.
Increased Golden Goblin health.
Increased Golden Dark Knight health.
Increased Golden Devil health.
Increased Golden Derkon health.
Increased Golden Crust health.
Increased Golden Lizard King health.
Increased Golden Stone Golem health.
Increased Golden Tantalos health.
Increased Golden Satyros health.
Increased Maya Hands health.
Increased Maya health.    
Increased Nightmare health.
Increased Erohim health.
Increased Kundun health.
Increased Balgass health.

Increased Maya Hands damage.
Increased Maya damage.
Increased Nightmare damage.
Increased Erohim damage.
Increased Kundun damage.
Increased Balgass damage.

Increased Durability for Weapons.
Increased Durability for Armor.
Increased Durability for Wings.
Increased Durability for Rings & Pendants.
Increased Durability for Guardians.
Increased Durability for Pets.

Murderers now cannot use shops & trade with other players.
When players are in party they cannot kill each other accidentally.

Increased ME PvE damage.
Increased MG PvE damage.
Increased SM PvE damage.

Changed SM PvP damage.
Changed BK PvP damage.
Changed ME PvP damage.
Changed MG PvP damage.
Changed DL PvP damage.

Upon Gold Credit purchase you will get more (Everyone who purchased GC before 0.7 will be compensated).
Changed Chaos Card price to 430GC.
Changed Chaos Card price to 1250HP.
Changed Devil Square Ticket price to 300GC.
Changed Blood Castle Ticket price to 350GC.
Changed Kalima Ticket price to 400GC.
Changed Devil Square Ticket price to 1000HP.
Changed Blood Castle Ticket price to 1100HP.
Changed Kalima Ticket price to 1200HP.

Fixed Wings of Heaven slot problem.
Fixed Wings of Soul slot problem.

Fixed Chaos Machine % rates.

Fixed Duel Damage not showing correct.

Small Interface Changes.

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