Mu Hades

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Rank1377 Random Server
Website Website
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Version Season 9
Type Dynamic Exp No WebShop Daily Reward Facebook Interaction Bot Helper Balanced Pvp No pay to win
Last Update27 May 2020
Join Date27 May 2020


Server's Features:


"I'm big fan of MU online since i was young. There were NO CUSTOM back then or animated armor's set with low resolution"

*This server was intended to bring back everyone's childhoods without anything custom except BETTER GRAPHIC RESOLUTION
*New players are always welcome. Why ? Dynamic experience rate, high experience gain when you are low reset, and lower experience gain when you are getting more resets. Also, we capped maximum reset during open game to allow all players to catch up others and enjoy our Events, PK, and Boss hunt together.
*We say NO to "PAY TO WIN". All donations via paypal or our official partners will go toward for Server's Development and Advertisement. (You can exchange for our WCoin shop in game- Press X to open in any safezone). NO WEBSHOP, NO PAY TO WIN.
*WEBSITE'S MARKET: Sell your items for wcoins, bless, chaos, soul, or goblin points on our website (help others find your items faster) or simply selling in-game using (/offtrade).
*Dedicated server update weekly and GM online 24hrs to help if you have any problems. More bosses hunt, and events coming soon (Update weekly)
*All items are obtainable via Events's Reward, Bosses Hunt. Again, we DO NOT sell items. Events and Bosses are now dropped VALUABLE rewards.
*Server's planning: Our server unlike any other's servers. How ?
1.We keep our server update weekly.
2.Nobody's set are the same (we bring back all old sets when everyone focus on option of single item before set).
Reinforced items(item 380 lvl) are hard to obtain,and Socket items are not avaiable to obtain during early stage of server.
No more boring playing same class. All Classes are changeable.

Server's Info:

Version: Season 9 ep 2
Max stats: 32000
Points per level: 10/15 (monsters are buffed to enjoy with teamwork)
Reset system
Reset requirement: 400 Levels + 4 Millions Zen
type /reset to reset (Reset all stats)
Event's Hall
Events available 24hrs so all players from around the world can enjoy
Reward's Zone: (More rewards will be updated)
Online Hours: Exchange online hours for goblin point (on website)
Golden Invasion: Box of Kundun
Golden Goblin, Tantalose,Erohim,Hellmane,Kundun: Box of Kundun
Blood castle & Devil Square: Box of Kundun
Selupan & Medusa: Green, Red, and Purple Box
GM event: Silver & Golden Box, Green, red and purple Chao Box
Facebook Event: Silver & Golden Box, Green, red and purple Chao Box
Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Dungeon, Arena (More spots update soon)

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