MU Slow

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Rank518 Random Server
Website Website
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Version Season 14
Type x50 5 Max Resets Balanced Pvp
Last Update01 Apr 2020
Join Date01 Apr 2020


New Server MU Slow Season 14EP2 X50 | 500+ Players Online !!!!!!

We at MU Slow have come to bring a unique proposal, to bring the best of mu online for PC to the entire international scene, with gameplay like never before.

Our server is totally classic, with no item sales and difficult gameplay. The server offers you the chance to get good gear just by playing!

We have a balanced PVP / PVM, valued events and invasions, and a disputed drop. Are you prepared?

Register now and be part of this new journey.

Server Info:
Version: Season 14 EP2
Experience Regular: x50
Master Experience: x5
Reset limited : 5 (in-game)
PC Account Limit: 5
Limited Stats to make build.
Game Style: Farm / PvP

InGame Updates:
Moss Updated!
New Character
New Maps
New Sets
New Weapons
Spots respaw fast
Press TAB to check All Spots ingame!
CashShop Play2Win
All character level 1
(We dont Sell Items!)

Exclusive Systems: (HOT!)
Vote Reward (50 GP for vote)
Zoombie Event (Farm Ruud)
Survive PVP ( Farm GP )
Quiz (10 GP For Question)
Events BC, DS, EXP Boost +20%
GoblinPoint: 10 per hour online

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