Eternal Abyss SMP

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Status Online
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Type Multiplayer Survival SMP Economy Java Vanilla Survival
Location Canada
Last Update15 Aug 2023
Join Date12 Aug 2023


The goal is to build a community of loyal members who are looking to survive and thrive and build new friendships along the way.

Be Polite & Respectful. Harassment, racism or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated on this server.

We are a whitelist server, this is intended to prevent griefing. The process to get whitelisted is easy, join our discord and fill out a quick application. and read the info section for everything you need to know.

If there is something specific you would like to build at spawn please get permission from a staff member first.

PVP is fine providing both parties are consenting to it. All items except for the player head must be returned to the defeated afterwards.

Server add ons
Player and Mob Head drops
Simple voice chat
Silence mobs (Put the name "Silence Me" on a Nametag to silence your mobs.)
Bundles (Crafting recipe added for Vanilla Bundles.)
One player sleep
Double Shulker shells
Fast leaf decay
Invisible item frames
Statue armor stands

We have anti cheat and anti grief plugins to protect and keep things fair for everyone.

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