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Last Ping9 minutes 12 seconds ago
Version 1.19.3 1.20
Type smp survival Semi Vanilla sd Whitelist
Location United States
Last Update18 Feb 2023
Join Date18 Feb 2023


Welcome to LunarScape, A 1.19.3 Lite Semi-vanilla server

At LunarScape our goal is to have a welcoming close knit adult community and to have a vanilla like experience with only QOL additions.
(We do not have crates, landclaims or other uneccesary changes.)
Please take a look at our most notable additions bellow:

1.20 features (All Features shown in snapshots prior to 1.19.3)

Managed Shopping District

Crossplay Compatible (Geyser)

Waypoints (Show coordiantes to saved locations)

More Advancements (Modified BlazeandCave)

Dragon drops (Dragon sometimes drops elytra or egg or head)

Player heads, Mob heads and Mini Blocks (Wandering Traders)

Conviniant recipes (eg: universal dying)

Allow Tnt/carpet duping, Nether bedrock breaking and Technical Redstone (Please make sure it works on paper)

Officialy support No chat reports & ItemSwapper Fabric mods for java players. (Players without mods are still safe from chat reports for all platforms)

If you are a redstoner or builder or just a casual player and think that you may be a good fit for our community please click apply now bellow or if you have any questions please join our discord

The server is set to launch in a few weeks, Please feel free to apply or join our discord to ask any questions

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