The Farm Java BR

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Server IP
Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.19
Type Skyblock prison Survival PvE
Location United States
Last Update09 Feb 2023
Join Date06 Feb 2023


Welcome to The Farm!
The Farm is a twist on popular prison and skyblock servers.

How To Get Started:
/island | Gives you access to your own private island
/shop | Brings up your GUI to sell your crops
/rankup | Allows you to rankup and prestige throughout the ranks of our server.


Each new player gets 3 minutes of flying and returning players get 90s of flying each day.

Custom Enchants:
Farming Fortune | Increase drops on crops
Spawner Finder | Unlock the ability to find Spawners
Key Finder | Unlock/increase the ability to find crate keys
Emerald Finder | Unlock/increase the ability to emeralds
Essence Booster | Increase the ability to find essence
Money Pouch | Find Pouches of Money
Essence Pouch | Find Pouches of Essence
EXP Finder | Find experience