Eternal Genesis

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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.9.x 1.19.x
Type Faction Survival Magic Arena Pvp
Location Netherlands
Last Update04 May 2023
Join Date03 Feb 2023


General Information:

Java: Versions 1.9.0 - 1.19.4


Eternal Genesis is a server where players play an enhanced version of factions. Players can establish their own faction. While we have a lot of unique features to offer, like magic, our main goal is to establish an enjoyable community. Here are a few of the things we have to offer.

  • Java and Bedrock crossplay.
  • Factions: Raiding is enabled on weekends, to give people time to recover and to make it more like an event!
  • Shop/Playershop GUI: Because Eternal Genesis is a faction server, physical playershops aren't that smart to build. We have a GUI instead, which you could enter any time you want!
  • Jobs: Altough we have a shop, you probably want to make money while doing your everyday tasks. Players are able to choose from 12 different jobs that will give you money for executing those tasks.
  • Magic: Our server has created magic, which you can use freely! PvP with others, or use the spells to your advantage when playing survival
  • PvP: Fight players with your magical abilities in the arena's!



Having an amazing community around our server is extremely important to us. With a basic set of rules that are listed on our Discord server we strive to keep the environment a fun and happy place for everyone! We can handle a few jokes here and there as long as they are not too inappropriate. With lots of frequent both small and big events we try to keep this community together.

Our rules and guidelines can be found on our Discord: