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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.19.2
Type Multiplayer Survival Modded
Location United States
Last Update19 Dec 2022
Join Date19 Dec 2022


BetaBread is a 1.19.2 Minecraft Java Server that focuses on a 1:1 emulation of version b1.7.3 in modern MC. It does this using a custom modpack for clients and a handful of useful mods server-side. So far, some of the most notable feature matches are:
-A 99% accurate vanilla beta 1.7.3 generation!
-Extra datapacks to disable modern mob drops and revert all crafting recipes to beta!
-A custom-tweaked spawning algorithm that is a 1:1 match of beta mob spawning!
-Non-updated Nether generation!
-Beta armor system!
-Beta bows!
-Old food system (no hunger, instant eating)!
-No experience or enchanting!
We also use some modern features, though, too, such as:
-Modern boats
-Modern stair placement
-Fast leaf decay
-Extra statistics
-/hidearmor and /showarmor commands
-VanillaTweaks Nether portal coords and coord hud /trigger commands
-Tablist player hearts
-Waterlogging blocks (for now)
-If a skeleton kills a creeper in the nether, they drop pigstep
-If a skeleton kills a creeper below sea level in the overworld, they drop otherside


Why try to go back to beta? I mean, if you compare beta vs now, modern Minecraft has a whole host of features and even basic blocks than beta. I'll share two sources to answer you, as they summarize my opinion almost to a T.
Why was Beta 1.7.3 liked so much? - Discussion - Minecraft: Java Edition - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum
Why Do People Still Play The Beta Version Of Minecraft?

How to join? Please join our discord server so you can get whitelisted. The process takes less than 5 minutes and is to protect from griefers and spammers. We look forward to seeing you!