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Website experience-survival.com
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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.18.2
Type Survival Land Claim Custom Enchants Custom Mobs Vote Rewards
United States
Last Update08 Jul 2022
Join Date19 Apr 2022


Welcome to Experience!

Experience aims to create a survival server with new additions to turn the boring old survival experience into a more fun and challenging one. There is custom dimensions that you can go to by building portals, new custom mobs who drop better items than their normal vanilla counterparts, while also being more of a challenge to kill, and there's also new armor sets and items to help you venture and fight off mobs better! There's a land claim system so you don't have to worry about griefing, and the ability to random teleport! There's also a normal admin shop, and a player-run chest shop.

If you'd like to know more about anything, you can either look on the website's wiki, or you can just ask a staff member or player!

Updates are frequent, like patches, bug fixes, and new features! If you're interested, feel free to join! The server isn't pay to win and you can buy the same ranks with real money, or in game money. Also, we're looking for staff, so feel free to apply on our website.

Features to be added in the next coming updates are:
-> New Dimensions
-> Mob Bosses
-> More custom mobs
-> More player-driven economy

Please note that there's a texture pack you'll have to download in order to see some of the items and such.

Our Discord :

Change Logs
21 Apr 2022

Update 1.41 -
- Tier 4 and 5 Zombies added - big rewards come for their drops!
- A free bed and 400P are now included when you first join the server

22 Apr 2022

Update 1.5 -
- The Wither Skeleton Boss has been added! It has 400 health and does alot of damage, so if you want to kill it, have good armor. It drops a random "epic" rarity enchanted book, 1000 - 2500 xp, or one of two new enchantments:

Track Star - You have a permanent boost in speed when you wear boots with this enchantment, but you also lose hunger faster. Increases your speed by 1.25x for every level.

Bad Temper - If you get hit by someone or something, you get a 10 second boost in strength! Every enchanntment level increases the level of strength.

In order to fight the boss, just use the command "/warp witherboss"

03 May 2022

Update 1.6 -
- Added the Lumberjack plugin, which means you instantly cut down trees when you hit a wood log.
- Added XP bottling
- Added bounties
- Added 2 new crates - Random Vanilla Enchantment crates, and Random Custom Enchantment crates. You can get them either from voting crates or purchasing them from the shop.

04 May 2022

Update 1.61 -
- Added a Tank Zombie - it has alot of health and does lots of damage, but moves slow. Drops a pretty great chestplate or money.
- Added the Wolf Spider - it doesn't have much health and doesn't do much damage, but gives you poison 2 and hunger 2. Defeating it drops a splash potion that can be used to cheese victories.

10 May 2022

Changelog for update v1.62:

- Claim bug that resulted in being unable to build anywhere in the world has been fixed. I don't know how it managed to slip through the cracks but it's fixed now

18 May 2022

Update v1.64:

- Changed difficulty from normal to hard.

-  Loot regenerates every 5 - 7 days.

19 May 2022

Changelog for update v1.7:
-> Added a new dimension called "Parsh". It's a world much harder than a normal one, with caves that can easily kill you from their depth. Mobs are buffed, their health and damage is 1.5x in this world, but also give better drops. Ores such as diamonds and emeralds are much more common in this world. In order to get to here, you need to build a 5x5 iron block frame and light a flint and steal in it, similar to a nether portal. Every 1 step in this world is 20 steps in the overworld.

29 May 2022

Changelog for update V1.71:
-> Biomes added to the Parsh world, be careful because the heights are now dangerous!
-> Structures like dungeons randomly generate and have been added to the Parsh world as well.
-> Tier 3 Loot Crate buffed

14 Jun 2022

Changelog for update v1.8:
- Economy has huge changes, including buffs to spawner farming, crop farming, and more! Some things have been nerfed as well, such as the amount of blocks in the block shop, and some ores.
- Chest shopping added! I will be adding info about this on the wiki soon
- Combat logging added, so you die if you're combat tagged by someone and leave.
- Lots and lots of bug fixes

22 Jun 2022

Here's the changelog for update v1.81:
- Server version updated to 1.19! There will be bugs and such so if you find any, just tell me or a staff member.

27 Jun 2022

Changelog for update v1.9: (6/27/2022)
- Added the boss world, which will be used for all current and future bosses. To go there, just use "/warp bosses"
- Super Golem boss added, which drops Super Golem Shards.
- Golem set added, which gives you 2x regen rate, an extra 4 hearts, and 3 bonus hearts when you get below 30% health. Crafted with the Super Golem Shards!
- Optimizations and bug fixes
- Minecraft chat added, which means you can chat with players in the Minecraft server from Discord and vice versa.

Making sure nobody is exploiting, keeping the chat safe and preventing potential fights. Training will be provided to you