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Website Website
Discord Discord
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Status Online
Last Ping52 seconds ago
Version 1.18.2
Type Achievements Build Chill Forge Friendly staff Java Modpack No Griefing Multiplayer Survival Need Builders
United States
Last Update26 Apr 2022
Join Date18 Mar 2022


This is a family owned modded server with the focus on building everything in a large world. It gets frequent updates of each mod and Forge Releases.

It's a secure "Adult" server and whitelisting is required so access should be requested through our website. The focus of this server is NO GRIEFING, owning villages and building out your homes. While PvP is enabled, there must be an agreement with all parties engaged that damage (aka griefing) is expected.

Swearing, bad mouthing, personal attacks on anyone is strictly forbidden and will result in permanent bans. We want you and everyone to feel safe in this environment with only the mobs attacking you! :-)

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