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Discord Discord
Server IP
Status Online
Last Ping3 minutes 9 seconds ago
Version 1.18.2
Type Multiplayer Survival SilkTouchSpawners McMMO Land Claim ChestShop Citizens
United States
Last Update09 Mar 2022
Join Date27 Feb 2022


Server IP: hikerial.apexmc.co Discord: https://discord.gg/2EXzAXt9SG Hikerial MC was started as a way to give us the experience we wanted. We have recently opened our group to the public on a fresh world. Many features are already added and many more are to come plus we take feedback and will make additions/adjustments suggested by players! Current features: -Discord Chat Bot to communicate from the server to discord and vice versa! -McMMO -SilkSpawners -EggCatcher to have a percentage chance at catching a mob spawn egg when you throw a chicken egg at a mob! -Unlimited player homes -Land Claims at a faster accrued rate than normal servers! Features to come: -Custom trade system at spawn for custom resources that will be able to be forged into custom gear! -More built at spawn! -Ranks and event tags!

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