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Discord Discord
Server IP
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.17.1
Type Survival
Last Update06 Mar 2022
Join Date29 Nov 2021


HyperCraftㄨ is a Minecraft server that was developed by Team HyperfuryㄨGaming. If you are looking for a server with low latency and more features that will make your survival journey more exciting, then join us today! If you need help with anything, feel free to join our Discord.


Change Logs
19 Feb 2022

Dear HCㄨCitizen(s) First of all, we are sorry to keep you waiting as there has been a build-related issue. We are about to launch our brand new season on 19 FEB 2022 Saturday at noon. Please stay tuned.

The newly elected moderator will receive their honors on the same day. As per the servers’ panel directive, we have organized an election to choose another moderator for the server to vote for them. Honorable candidates are IrfanthePro BaharPro and Aariz_Mahbeer. 
Season 2 :
New features have been added 
Added cooldown to teleportation /home /spawn only for default members.
New rewards.
Shop Prices are the same as season 1.
Premium members Get no limitations.

We are looking for YouTubers. If you know anyone, please let the operators know. 
Please note that Teams with less than four members will be disbanded from individual discord roles. 
If you want to get your Team’s prefix in-game, there will be a charge for that and soon will be announced at 💳server-ranks.
Once again, sorry for the wait & Thank you for choosing HyperCraft.

19 FEB 2022

01 Mar 2022

• Server roles have been updated. Please make yourself comfortable. 

➤ President - President

➤ Minister - Founder

➤ Operator - Server Operator

➤ Engineer - Server Developer

➤ Architect - Builder

➤ Governor - Administrator

➤ Commander - Senior Moderator

➤ Police - Moderator

➤ Constable - Trainee Moderator

➤ Scout - Helper

➤ HCㄨ Citizen - Default Players



1 MAR 2022

03 Mar 2022

HCㄨCitizen(s) We have turned off the whitelist. 

If you are having trouble while connecting to the server, please let a Governor or an Operator know by opening a support ticket from 🏥help-desk
3 MAR 2022 

Hey? Are you a Builder for Minecraft servers? Join Team HyperCraft now!!!