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Server IP
Status Offline
Last PingServer cannot be queried.
Version 1.7.1
Type Pve Survival Survival kit Craftbukkit Spigot Crates Custom Items
United States
Last Update16 Nov 2021
Join Date11 Oct 2021


CatCraft is a new and upcoming Survival Server. It has Crates, Custom Enchants and Custom Items/Blocks. The server runs off an economy system! Players who vote and refer other players receive money and crate keys! The server itself is not pay-to-win because everyone has a opportunity to get certain items! The overworld is PVE (Player Vs Entity) Including occasional mini-boss/boss spawning! Are you a pvp player? The nether and the end are considered PVP Zones! Players can fight in the end for a chance to win the Dragon Egg! 

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