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Status Online
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Version 1.12.2
Type FullPvP Space PVPRAIDING warpdrive techguns icbm
Last Update05 Oct 2021
Join Date09 Sep 2021


Intergalactic Conflict

The remains of humanity left Earth to live in orbit leaving behind the ashes of World War 11 in the mid 21st century.
After 25 years aboard the Ark, System's started to fail. Meteor hits damaged essential components.
Then life-support systems on the Ark begun to fail, one hundred Civilians are put into cryogenic sleep in a last attempt to save humanity.

Ninety-seven years later a solar flare has damaged the cryogenic sleep control system due to a tear in the outer hull plating.


Your objective is to ESCAPE!.


Upon awakening your objective should be to gather as much from the destroyed station as possible and race to a shuttle bay.

Once you reach the shuttle the game begins, mine, hunt, raid, your way to the TOP!.

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