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Server IP
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.17 1.17.1
Type Survival SMP Vanilla Survival Vanilla
United States
Last Update12 Sep 2021
Join Date23 Jan 2021


1.17.1 Survival. Here at OceanMC We provide smooth gameplay with all sorts of plugins to allow standard Minecraft Vanilla Survival you would would have in single player. We have extra features to make it more fun such as running with shears causes damage 'Dont run with scissors' The best part about playing minecraft online is you can play with friends. Single player you simply cant it gets lonely. OceanMC has economy so you can sell items for money & become rich, We have shops to buy items. We have /echest to store items anywhere on the go. OceanMC has MCMMO wondering what that is? Well its a leveling system for different skills! Each skill has its own unique ability such as Mining with a high mining skill level you can get double drops from auto smelt when mining ores even super breaker for a short duration of time when right clicking the piackaxe. Each skill is very unique & provides a new aspect to minecraft vanilla. OceanMC has lands with lands you can do /lands create (name) this will be your home you can claim multiple lands & even expand the size of them. What this does is protects your items & builds from those pesky players whom try to grief & destroy players builds but with lands its all safe & protected! You can even invite friends into  your lands & allow them to join with you on your journey. With lands you can goto war with other players & fight to the death & become to top nation on the server. If your like what you here please join us at OceanMC :)