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Status Online
Last Ping8 minutes 45 seconds ago
Version 1.16.3
Type Mmorpg MMO Rpg Roleplay Custom Bosses Quests Towny Custom Items Custom Plugins PVP
United States
Last Update09 Jan 2021
Join Date22 Jun 2020


Now accepting Beta-Tester & Builder Applications on our website:


The dead whisper warnings from the corners where the walls don’t quite line up. Ghosts ride the carousel and laugh at the living who walk through the horses, blissfully unaware. How many have ignored the warnings of the lost souls only to become one of them themselves? Will you, I wonder become one of them? Will you heed what they tell you? Will you read the messages etched into the hallways, lined with flesh torn from the damned? Or will your flesh become another piece in their puzzle? The blessed believe themselves to always be safe from the claws of the damned but I wonder, if you’re as gullible as they are. Angels lie with the same breath they knight you. Demons let slip truths with the same breath they claim your soul with.

When you choose which side to take, you should carefully consider your options. Consider all sides and never forget that coins are not simply heads and tails. When a coin is flipped, it does not always land on either side. I wonder, what will you do with the coin? I wonder if you will have the capabilities to make the decision that you will come face to face with. You will only have mere moments and you will only be able to choose once. It is a long road ahead of you, my friend. This journey you are about to embark on is nothing comparable to anything you have experienced before. Ripped apart, cut by thorns, held dearly by trees and taunted by the seas, you will come face to face with many truths. You will have to decide your own. Prepare yourself, my friend. Oh and welcome, to Vandaliah.


You will discover

An open build world with Towny
Custom items and inventory
Custom classes and leveling system
Custom jobs
Custom pet system
Balanced economy
Free /back
/fly and survival Worldedit for ranks
Voter ranks
Hundreds of quests
Friendly and active staff and playerbase
Weekly PvP tournaments
And more!

Online Players - Last 24 hours

We're looking for Builders with a variety of talents. We need builders who are experienced with WorldEdit and/or World Painter to help us build our medieval fantasy map. Builders will retain their donation rank benefits even if they retire.

Beta Tester
We are looking for Beta-Testers to help us test our RPG skills and our server in general. We want to see if our server runs well on a variety of systems with varying degrees of power. Beta-Testers will retain their donation rank benefits after the Beta-Test phase is over.