When Earth Was Flat

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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.5
Type Towny Earth Geopolitics Pvp War Nations Roleplay Farming Economy Brewery
Location Germany
Last Update26 Jun 2021
Join Date06 Jun 2020


WEWF is an Earth server running Towny with a custom war system and a massive farming/food expansion to give trade/travel greater value in the world!. WEWF has over 50 custom crops limited to regions all over the world, from molasses in Canada to black pepper in India. These crops are implemented in expanded foods and are also used in recipes for the popular Brewery plugin which allows you to ferment, distill and age alcoholic drink. Get true Tequila from the heart of Mexico, or the finest Champagne from France - or just sit down with a hot bowl of Pho.

Alongside the new layer of trade and geopolitics the crop system adds, we use a 'Cassus Belli' system to approve wars, meaning it's not a complete free-for-all but there is still plenty of opportunity for wars.

- Custom, regional crops such as barley, hops, onions, garlic, grapes, oranges, corn, black pepper, coffee and much, much more. Make meaningful trade agreements with foreign states, become a bonafide traveling merchant, or establish farms, vineyards, orchards and more.

- Custom foods and Brewery for alcohol brewing with regional crops, to give greater purpose to trade and regions. Become a cheesemonger or just produce the finest Champagne in France.

- /Sell easily for income: Players can use /sell to sell a number of vanilla items, as well as regional crops, to the server for money. These items are somewhat restricted to leave space for player-driven markets, but there is a wide variety of ways to generate income: farming, mining, fishing, ranching, and so on!

- /Buy extra improvements and abilities: Spend that money trading on player markets, or use it in /buy to purchase things like building blocks, McMMO classes, banks, shops, and more!

- Small-scale economy: Income and costs are all scaled to low levels to give the economy a tighter feel - and so quadrillionaire players don't have to spend time counting zeros in their bank accounts.

- Player-owned shops: Players can trade with one another through player-owned shopkeeper NPCs that themselves can be made available for hire to other players.

- And more! McMMO, Heads Database, StackMob, Dynmap, LWC, Backpacks, and more added all the time! New features planned for the future as well!

Ongoing Events:
Brew Hunt
Players can now earn big money by being the first person to discover and properly brew any of the drinks seen in /drinks. If the drink is marked "Undiscovered" and the player has the high quality (Fine/Fresh/etc) variant of the drink, they can click on the drink to receive an award!

Spice Merchant
Foreign traders have heard your demand for more flavorful cuisine and have come bearing many exotic seasonings from all over the world! At the Spice Merchant, a player can trade 2 of any ingredient for 1 seasoning which contains it. This means if you have only one ingredient for curry, you can trade 2 of that ingredient to the Spice Merchant for 1 curry. This merchant can be found near town spawns and will routinely travel to a new town every few hours. Word has it they'll be looking to set up shop in a town soon!