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Website Website
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Status Online
Last Ping14 minutes 12 seconds ago
Version 1.17
Type Survival
United Kingdom
Last Update30 Aug 2021
Join Date09 Dec 2019


Welcome to Freedom Town, a Relaxed 1.17.1, Friendly, atmosphere with players of all crosses of blocks. Redstone Builders, Automation enthusiasts, city builders, and an economy to help you on your way to becoming a rich player.

We off many useful plugins but not limited to, Server protections, anti cheat, xray prevention, grief free rollback, 0 tick removal and much more to help give the server the best performance we can get.

We are currently in our 3rd season that started in august and will run through at least february or march of next year pending updates for 1.18.

Our current map is on a custom generation that mimics features of 1.18 to prepare you for large mountains, through mountain rivers, and sererated biomes.

We offer vote rewards with progressive rewards as you gain ranks, a vote shop and a buycraft server store. With our store you can donate money to acheive normally unobtainable perks, be it more homes, claim blocks to protect your builds, fly rank, Nick changes and the awesome disguise plugin.

Join our family today and become one of the Free. We love to create friendships and build together and would be happy to become your friend.

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