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Discord Discord
Server IP
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version Latest 1.14.60
Type Survival Vanilla survival vanilla
United States
Last Update26 May 2020
Join Date26 May 2020

Server Info

About (This matters to you the most):

  Hello! Come play with us on our vanilla-based survival server! What do I mean vanilla-based? There are a few quirks that don't make it a legit vanilla-survival server, such as a starter kit, "drop commands", and the ability to teleport to a few locations or players. Cheats are on which means you won't be able to receive achievements in-game. We're a small community and seek new members to join us! We have a Discord server where you can get in touch with our staff and community members. Even the hackers are nice :) Of course they're still not welcome... Our map doesn't have a reset incoming in the near future, expect one every 4 - 6 months. Our secondary language is Spanish.

All-Things Staff (For people interested in staffing opportunities):

  Trusted players have the chance of applying into our staff system. There's 2 levels of staff in-game (Helper/Helper-Translator & Moderator) & 3 levels (Helper/Helper-Translator, Moderator, & Administrator) on our Discord. This is due to the limitations of MCBE server permissions. To even be considered, you'd have to have been playing on the server actively for 2 weeks. Applying requires you have Discord and a device in which you can answer the application via Google forms. We have a somewhat strict rule-of-conduct for our staff, so keep that in mind.

Maintenance (The reason why the server would be down on occasion):

  During maintenance, the server will either be under a whitelist, in which only staff and certain players can join, or closed. Maintenance is triggered by reasons such as a running backup, server-side lag clearing, inventory-checking, or reparation of the world map.

Server Specifications (Stats for nerds):

  Our server is located in NJ, U.S. (time zone: ET) and runs on an Intel Xeon E3-1220 CPU (Quad-Core) at a base speed of 3.1 GHz. 16GB of DDR3 RAM is also installed, clocked at 1,333 MHz Our download bandwidth is capped at 180Mbps, while our upload bandwidth is capped to 6Mbps, which WILL affect how many people can be on at the same time. Further testing is needed to determine this. The server world is stored on a 7,200 RPM 1TB HDD. These resources are shared with any future servers that will be hosted, and use by the owner of the computer. If you enjoy our server, consider donating so that we can improve our hardware, or show us tips on how we can better use our current hardware!