Maple Raiders


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Version v83
Type Community Custom Content Dedicated Low Rate NoPay2Win Nostalgic Party Quests Rebalanced Skills Balanced
United Kingdom
Last Update25 Apr 2020
Join Date16 Apr 2020


Features -

Global Rates 4x Exp/1x Meso/1x Drop
All GMS Quests Working
Skills Rebalanced (Check Discord)
Anti-Cheat System
NO HP WASH Custom System.
Increased Max Level On Cygnus To 200
Buffed Party Experience (All Maps)
Global Increased Spawn Intervals
Challenge Quest: Large Amount of Custom Quests
Boat travel reduced to one minute.
HenneHoe Approved Server
Raider's Market (Map With Custom NPC Shops)
Level 30 Tutorial Quest: Rewards King Pepe's Starting Items
Forge Gear & Scroll Gachapon Rewards
Chaos Crafting with Maker Skill
Item Leveling
Twice The Chance On Scrolling Gear (2 Attempts)
@Commands In Game For List of Commands
NX Cards Dropped From Mobs Globally
Working Ring Effect via Cash Shop
Working Marriages
No Pay2Win, No Vote2Win!

Challenge Quest - @Quest 
Side quests that provide rewards, the maps are buffed, and rewards scale as the quest become a higher level.

Guild Challenges Lv 100+ - These quests are for guilds, or parties of atleast six players.
Rewards are worth six times of a normal challenge, and more will be added in the near future.

World Bosses -
Increased spawn Rates, randomized timers, and unique drops.