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Website Website
Discord Discord
Version C6
Type Pvp Classic Nolag No Custom Fun
Last Update24 Sep 2020
Join Date24 Sep 2020


• Mid life stone skill chance - 10%.
• High life stone skill chance - 15%.
• Top life stone skill chance - 20%.
• Augmentation: 1 Active + 1 Passive skill.
• Healer:
Healers are in favor of earning PvP with high odds by helping their party members. Also, they can use the Skill (Might of Heaven) to deal damage to players.

• Fortune Seeker:
Fortune Seeker is edited in an off-DPS player  dealing massive damage as well as surviving with boosted health.

• Maestro:
Maestro is edited in an Summoner player dealing magic damage and sharing blood with it's pet.


• Sword Singer:
Sword Singer is edited in an off-Tank player dealing strong melee damage with sword.

• Blade Dancer:
Blade Dancer is edited in an light off-Duelist player dealing strong melee damage with dual swords.

• Warcryer:
Warcryer is edited in an Joker player could support, give magic or melee damage and wear any equipment. Is up to you to find the best combo!
• Start Time: 6 P.M.
• End Time: 0 A.M.
• Needs:You need to be a Nobless <br>80LvL and have 50PvP's to Join in Oly.
• People:Required number of participants <br>in order to play in Oly is (4).
• Items:Any enchant stats that you have<br>in items over +7 will be useless! You only use items from GM Shop in order to effectively play in Olympiad match.
• Period:The Olympiad Hero refresh period is (1 Weeks).
• Skills:There are some Restricted skills in Oly! Heroes are gaining extra special Hero Skills that they are based on their current classes(Changes with Subclasses).
• Main town -Gludio
• Castle sieges every week.(Goddard, Aden, Giran)
• Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants, enchants.
• Unique Pvp flag vs flag areas with reward.• Pvp add Skills System!
• Max Level: 95
• More then 6 active raid bosses.
• Casino event manager.
• Unique adena to pouch of gold system.
• Wedding system.
• Unique farming areas.
• Npc skill enchanter.
• B grade items for free.
• Shops till top S grade.
• Unique tattoos and jewels.
• Full npc buffer with auto buff.
• Max count of buffs - 76.
• Max subclasses - 13.
• Free and no quest class change.
• Free and no quest sub class.
• Nobless from Caradine's letter item - is farmable.
• No weight limit.
• No grade limit.
• Quake Pvp system with Hero Aura!.
• Pvp/Pk count show on title.
• Online password change.
• Top 10 Pvp/Pk/Items npc in game.
• Augmentation system in Npc.
• Server information Npc.
• Unique monsters and farm areas.
• Offline Trade system with unique sell/buy item.
• Interlude retail skills.
• Server up-time [24/7] [96]%.
• Maintain class balance.• Accessories give stats.
• No custom items !