L2 Noble

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Rank143 Random Server
Website Website
Discord Discord
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Version C6
Type No Custom Pvp
Last Update07 May 2020
Join Date07 May 2020


Lineage II Noble Interlude PvP Server
Grand Opening is taking place on May 08, 18:00 GMT+2


Exp: 1000x
SP: 1000x
Adena: 1000x
Party Exp: 2x
Party SP: 2x
Drop/Quest 1-10x

Safe: +4
Max Weapons: +15
Max Armors/Jewels: +12
Crystal Max Weapons: +20
Crystal Max Armors/Jewels: +15
Normal Rate: 77%
Blessed Rate: 88%
Crystal Rate: 100%

Buff time: 2 Hours
Buff slots: 36+4
Auto Learn Skills
Start level 80
Subclass start level 80
Easy Farm
Offline Trade System
Auction System
Weekly Olympiad/Sieges
Title Color Changes at 100,200,300,400,500,1000,2000,3000,4000,5000 PvPs
Shout chat can be used after 50 PvPs


TvT Event
2v2 Tournament
4v4 Tournament
9v9 Tournemant
TvT Event is taking place every 2 hours
TvT Reward is 1 Vote/Event Coin Per Team winner
Tournament is taking place every day at 15:00 and 01:00 CEST(1 hour before & 1 hour after olympiad) and registrations last for 2 hours
2v2 Reward is 1 Vote/Event Coin, 4v4 Reward is 3 Vote/Event Coins, 9v9 Reward is 5 Vote/Event Coins


Grand Bosses
Respawn time 24 hours
Same Droplist as Custom Bosses + Epic Jewels ofc
Respawn timers in npc "El Gringo" next to giran GK
Aq/Zaken Level 80
Boss Jewels can be gained from vote coins too
Nerfed Valakas/Antharas/Baium
Buffed Aq/Zaken/Orfen/Core (Level 80 with proper stats ofc)

Custom Bosses
Respawn 6 hours
Respawn timers in npc "El Gringo" next to giran GK
High Chance to drop Blessed Scrolls for both Armor and Weapon
High Chance to drop Bogs/Top grade LS
Decent Chance to drop Crystal Scrolls
Barakiel Respawn: 3 Hours
Barakiel gives you ONLY Noblesse status, although it's listed in Gatekeeper
Teleports included in Gatekeeper

Clan Bosses
6 Hours respawn time
Respawn timers are also included in "El Gringo"
100% Chance of dropping 1 random egg
100% Chance of dropping 1 Clan Item(Can be used by a clan leader to get reputation score)
Teleports included in gatekeeper

Vote Rewards
We offer vote reward for 7 particular votesites.
Visit npc "Kaaya" in giran to claim your rewards
Vote Coins can be gained every 12 hours for each site
Events like TvT/2v2/4v4/9v9 give you extra vote/event coins
Visit a GM Shop to claim these rewards under "Vote/Event" list
You can buy Blessed/Crystal Scrolls, Bogs, Top LS, RB Jewels and much more stuff


Website: http://l2noble.net