Origine LC OLD Schoo

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Last Update02 May 2020
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New Server and on going.
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This Server is a project we've been working on for a few months now and hope everyone will enjoy it we are looking forward to growing with the community and cant wait to see you all in game.
Some of the key information for the server can be found below:

Level Cap: 165/ Exp:x6/SP:Custom/Gold: x3/Drop:x8/Daily Login Reward System, Item Linking in chat/Auto Pickup/Ignition/CashZone/No Ex Characters/No Elemental System/

-No ExRogue or Archmage
-No Reform
- Level Cap 165
- Improved Crafting
- Cash Zone (farm cash items in game)
- Exchange NPC ( exchange items for other items)
- 100% cast max
- No Elemental System
- Player start with costumes and also items

Content to be expected:
1.C2 weapon and backgear
2.Cash Exchange NPC in game (cash for gold)