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Status Online
Current Mapgm_freespace_13
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Type TTT ttt FastDL Outfitter SemiVanilla Discord
United States
Last Update03 Jun 2020
Join Date22 Jan 2020

Server Info

The TTT server is a semi-vanilla version of Terrortown with no blind boxes, paid weapons, or keep-inventory. Instead it has helpful quality-of-life tweaks and additions. It has all the essentials like:
1-hit Knife – The Knife traitor-weapon is a one-hit kill, even when thrown.
100-tick server – Higher tickrate allows for higher-accuracy and better hitreg.
CS:S Guns – In addition to the vanilla weapons, the rest of the CS:S weapons are available.
Equipment – A few, tasteful, traitor and detective items have been added.
Damagelog – Damage log menu with built-in RDM reporting system
Justice – Anti-betrayal system that allows the victim to slay or kick an aggressor. (Like Halo)
Lots of maps – Some of the best maps available for TTT are on the server, including classic ones.
Outfitter – No need to download any playermodels, just pick your own from the workshop.
Advanced Disguiser – Steal someone else’s name and commit heinous acts as if you were them.
• And many more available in the collection:

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