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Type Dekaron A3 and A9 Free D shop Per Hour Perfect Balanced Not Pay to Win Server Vote For Coints Daily Events
Location United States
Last Update19 May 2018
Join Date26 Mar 2010


Core-Games is an online gaming company specializing in developing and managing free to play Private Servers of your favorite commercial MMORPGs.

Our motto is "Gamer Rehab" for a very important reason. We aim to rehabilitate the gaming experience of those MMORPGs that just seem to get old and boring after playing the official servers for so long. We offer you a fresh new way to play, rehabilitating your excitement and enjoyment of the game.

Our games are not made to suck the players dry of their money for the same old crap over and over again. You can play our games without spending anything but your time. We do not offer overpowered items to a donor that make the game unfair for those that cannot afford to support Our Gaming Network.

AG-Network is constantly looking for new games to bring into our company. If you have a private server and need that extra support to get the game on its feet Our Network may be your solution. Speak with the Any Of Our Administrators More for details.


No place for toxic brains! No drama, just pure fun! NO PAY TO WIN!

Core is a server for old-school dekaron, where players get to strive from scratch and get geared through hard work and determination. The server has 5 reborns at lvl 250. But leveling isn't a problem since staff are Into the players side as ALWAYS! Every weekend there is exp and drop event, so fits perfectly to those who are really aiming for pure fun without the need of your real cash. 

No place for pay to win folks!

On the other hand, the server is filled with good players, NO TOXIC AND NO DRAMA. Unlike other servers, Core make sure that every players are being treated equally and nicely, and same goes between the players. Staff make sure no one gets abused in game, mentally and emotionally. Staffs are keen when it comes to abuse, specially racial abuse in game. THAT's A NO NO in CORE!

If you are looking for a server where staff are active, both in game and in forum, then this server is best for you. You can easily refister and vote for coins, at the same time get easy contact with our friendly staff who are always ready to help and answer your questions.

This is the best server Dekaron has ever had!



 i Always love core games. I play until when i get old ♥️♥️♥️