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Last Update27 Jun 2018
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New runes of magic Custom server Myths of Taborea. Open 09/01/2017 Exp x2, Tps x1, Drop x1, 3 races, 4 classes, Retouched Instances, New items, New mounts, New NPCs, New PvP zone, New Arenas, Balanced or improved classes and abilities.

Change Logs
28 May 2018

Open Dalanis - lvl 57


Content of the new patch:
Level up to 57
Dalanis map
Instance Dungeon of Dalanis
Mobs in dungeon of dalanis increased: easy x1.5, normal x2.5
New drop wodjin adden
Npc sell equip for proof of myth
Class mage:
Fenix skill has been modified, before 120, now it has a rank of 150, and x0,15 Intelligence, damage uploaded, before 55 now 60.
Implemented new items / mounts / pets / skins / npcs / mobs.
Translated and implemented all events / items / skills / npcs of TW, JP, VN, KR.
Remastered the graphics of dalanis, to try to avoid those crashs.
Maids of the house activated