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Version 3.3.5a
Type Arenas Battlegrounds BG Rating Bounty Hunter No Bugs Crossfaction Friendly Staff Instant 80 Max Level 80 Transmogrifier
Dernière mise à jour18 Oct 2019
Date d'inscription30 Sep 2019
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Untamed WoW - Instant 80 Level PVP /PVE Server

What is Untamed WoW?
- Untamed WoW is small community with few dedicated developers that work on our favorite expansion - Wrath of the Lich King.
- Our goal is to make something unique, that will provide solid PvE and PvP experience while having fun in every other aspect of the game, without breaking core in-game rules.

Features that we have enabled so far
- Some of them, for example, Titles were in the game before, and we decided to bring them back, to make PvP a bit more interesting. We have custom PVP Zone, where players obtain Titles killing other players in that zone.
- We also have custom currency Event & Donation Tokens which are obtainable in game (Battleground, Arenas).
- Arena 3v3 SoloQueue System with Solo Ratings.
- You can check full list with more information bellow.
- Instant 80 Level, starting with S7 Set.
- Start with All your Class Weapon skills, Riding, spells learned.
- Daily / Weekly Quests.
- Resilience / Spell Pen / Armor Pen - Working.
- Working Charge / Pet Pathing.
- In-Game Currency.
- CrossFaction Battlegrounds System
- Easy to use Npcs (Multi Vendors)
- Teleport Book added in Bag on character creation.
- Solo Queue 3v3 Arena System.
- Arena Spectator ( Spectate by bracket, or player name).
- Custom PvP Area ( 24/7 - With Announcer in zone )
- Gurubashi PvP Event Every Hour With Chest Spawn Announcement.
- Arena Anti-Draw Dementia.
- Killstreak System & Announcer.
- Binary Resistances.
- Mall, VIP, Donations, Duel Zones.
- Auto CD resetting in Duel Zone.
- PQR Lua Blocker
- Custom Events
- And much much more.

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