Therebirth 1.12.1 1xrates


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Version Vanilla Classic 1.12
Type Fun Realm No Lag
United States
Dernière mise à jour03 Jul 2012
Date d'inscription03 Jul 2012
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Join and relive classic (1.12.1) wow how It used to be. All rates at 1x, Great scripts. Great community, stable server with no lag. Servers is located in several locations, both in Europe and USA.
Functional pathfinding.
Every Dungeon from 1-60 is fully scripted including UBRS.
Almost 100 percent of all quests are fully working.
Class and Talent bugs are almost non existent.
Fully scripted raids.
BGs are fully operational.
Molten Core and ZulGurub are completely scripted.
BWL has recently opened.
Progress here is 100 percent self earned.
Incredible dedicated Host and nice, understading GMs and no form of favoristism or bias exists at all.
NO DONATIONS at all, not a single penny is needed to keep this running and ofc no rewards whatsoever.