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Welcome to our Brand New custom Tales of Pirates Private Server! Below are a FEW of our features. there's tons more to see in our game, come check us out!

Server Rates:
Solo Exp = 3x
Party Exp = 5x
Max lvl = 115
max fairy level = 75

Demonic World - All floors. Farm money, ref gems and more!

Forsaken City - All Floors, Farm money, Azz gems and more!

Dark Swamp - All Floors, Farm money, great gems and more!

Chaos Argent - slaughter your foes (or friends!) for materials for an admiral cape and other great items!

Leveling Maze - quick way to gain some needed exp and reputation!

Server Features

Anti Bot system
Terror cape / Admiral cape!
with 7 upgrade levels and forgable runestones!
Upgradeable headband and ring!

over 23 pets! (Not including mordo jr, new anela's or normal pets!)

Many custom apparels including: Custom Ring glow apparels,Custom colored name change apparels, custom wings and more!
Custom Level 4 Gem Combine

Instant skills npc

Instant Job chooser NPC
And so much more! come join our comunnity and have a great time :)