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Type Balanced Cap 110 English Old School PvE
Dernière mise à jour24 Nov 2020
Date d'inscription19 Nov 2020

Serveur Info

Server capacity is 4.000 players. HWID limit 2, IP limit 4. Custom uniques with nice drops will spawn in special teleport in Hotan city and u will be able to enter there only with job mode. (uniques will drop immortal stones, random silk scrolls, gold and silver coins) Wizard bug disabled. Global chat delay 60 seconds. Custom titles added 1k silks each (at other people suggestion, we didn't plan to add them at all to keep it oldschool). "Streamer", "Nitro Booster" and "Supporter" titles are added for lovely people who will support our project. Warlock debuffs cooldown increased to 4 seconds. CH pain buff added. CH pacheon can use only last knock back skill. CH fire shield resistance increased by 20%. Silks per hour/automatic events! H&S, S&D, lucky critical and more events will be hosted weekly by our server staff for more fun! Monthly PVP and UNIQUE master will have exclusive rewards such as gaming equipment and real currency! Fortress war winners will get rewards in silks! HWT will have 1x drop rate but Osiris will drop lucky powder 1st degree (which will also be available at grocer shop for 1b gold)! Fellow pet speed bug is disabled by setting fixed speed to pet same as character with speed drug! We've added 150% speed drug! Honor buffs will be obtained by being active in job by trading/stealing goods and killing job uniques! GMs at our server: [GM]Goldie [GM]Xero [GM]Luther We have supporters for most of nations that play silkroad so we can provide u with a 24/7 player support system, we're all First 300 People reach 110 1-100 : 300 Silk 101-200: 200 Silk 201-300: 100 Silk we will add more @Discord / Facebook Level Cap 110 Mastery Cap 330/220 Race Chinese / Europe. (chinese will get pain buff like warrior) added in next update Race Balanced Enabled. Guild/Union Emblem CTF Enabled.Battle Arena Enabled. Fortress War Reward Silk. Forgotten World Enabled Academy Old System Enabled Advanced Elixirs Enabled Devil S Enabled Magic Pop Enabled Fellow Pets Enabled New Pets Enabled New Uniques Enabled Egy A Gear Enabled Egy B Gear Disabled Solo Exp/Sp rate 300x Party Exp/Sp rate 350x Drop rate 150x Gold Rate 150x SOX Drop rate 150x Alchemy Rate 1x. Max Plus 11 NO ADV Glow Effect ISRO Silk / Hour Enabled 1silk/1hour Vote4Silk -soon- DDoS / Exploit Protection Yes Murder Disabled ++++check website ++++