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Version 3.3.5a
Type Classic Dungeons Friendly Staff No Donate PvE Only Voting Rewards NPCBOTS trinitycore
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour14 Jun 2022
Date d'inscription29 May 2022


NPCBOTS for grouping and queing 5 man dungeons.

xp quest x3
gold drop x2
Professtions skill gain x2
Boost xp on weekends x4.5
Can learn up to 4 professtions


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Cross faction talent inspecting, trade, group, guild, raid, chat, auction house.

All flight paths learned

I don't remember but creating a guild is set at 2 or 4 signers

Auction House Bot - No items are listed over level 70 item level 158.

Getting mail from someone is set to 15 seconds rather then 1 hour.

Track x2 gathering skills on map

/join world   -- To talk to everyone or if anyone is on the server.