Moon of Dragon

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Version 3.3.5a Warth of the Lich King
Type Blizzlike Crossfaction Custom Content Custom Items Donate Reward Friendly Staff Max Level 80 Shop Transmogrifier Individual XP
Emplacement Germany
Dernière mise à jour30 Sep 2023
Date d'inscription29 Jan 2022


Moon of Dragon - is a multi-gaming community and exist since 2012.

We do also have one Retail Client Version realm running- normal - based on trinitycore.



About this Realms (WotLK/Custom/Normal):

Custom Realm:

This is a Q.o.L-enhanced full-progressive experience.

With custom content such mounts, items...


Normal Realm:

Just normal without custom content. But some scripts running.



Powered by AzerothCore and based on Wrath of the Lich King.





We do use azerothcore emulator for both realms custom/normal. With the WotLK 3.3.5a (12340) retail client.

We do not have a developer team. That means we can not fixing bugs by our own.

Custom Stuff:

* The emulator restarts automatically at 04:00 AM CET.

* Every hour there will be an autoroll which gives you a chance to win a item or level.

* We also have the solo dungeon finder implanted. It means you actually can use the dungeon finder solo.

* There are many custom script running.



We are open source:

Actually you can get a copy from our emulator. (CUSTOM SCRIPTS, DATABASE, MAPS, VMAPS, MMAPS, DBC) - NOT INCLUDED


You always can check:

* What will be added in near future:

* What for bugs are exist and need to be fixed- also coming updates:

* To report bugs by yourself:


* To ask questions about the core itself or other stuff like that please join their discord server: