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Version 3.3.5a OPEN 10.12.2021 Wrath of The Lich King WOTLK
Type Blizzlike Crossfaction Newest server Medium Rates Low Rates PVP PVE No Lag
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour30 Nov 2021
Date d'inscription01 Jan 2021


Promo Video Trailer:

[Brand New World of Warcraft Server is going to be Opened on December 10, 2021] [Newest server around] [International - fast growing community] [Medium XP] [Nice Modules and Features] [Weekly Lottery] [No Customs] [PvP - PvE] [Referral System - invite friends] [335a WotLK] [Worth to Check] [Join us Now]

✅ International - fast growing community;
✅ Medium XP, Nice Modules and Features;
✅ Weekly Lottery with nice rewards coming;
✅ No Customs, PvP - PvE, Referral System - invite friends, Play Time to Item (Exchange playing hours to item reward) and more ...

💥 Free to Play - Start playing now!
🔥Royal WoW 3.3.5a WotLK, Join Wrath of the Lich King on Royal Today!

Server Information:
- XP Rate = 2X
- Quest XP Rate = 3X
- Server is based on PvP/PVE

Possible to donate only for the service, we are not going to sell any items!
Blizzlike style, No Custom Items will be added to the game!

Best regards,
Royal WoW Administration!


I'm talking about Old Royal-WoW server. Now is reset and in few days will reopen freshly new.

I'll write about Royal-WoW server from my point of view: 

I've been looking for a NON-PVP server for sometime! I just hate pvp because my age doesn't allow me to waste time on too many corpse running :-) I found Royal-WoW and I say: let's give a shot cos many servers says are pve but were not, so I was skeptic about. My first thought was to go on "Contested" zone to see if I get flagged pvp or not. So... First white ball for server!!! Is PvE, great (for me). I started leveling. All good! EXP rate x2, quests XP x3. Great. I went to train skill/spell. Boom! Very expensive, had not enough silvers so I trained just important skills. I just think I leveled too fast and logic, not enough in-game currency. I moved on grinding/farming and fishing ofc :-) Went in battle almost all the time, cos mobs aggro table is huge and they jump on you miles always. No problem: more XP and loot :-) same old problem. No space in bag!

Asking in world chat (cool addition, Horde and Alliance can communicate together and even can Party/Raid together, trade=awesome!) for some bags help. I get help instant from very kind heroes on the server. Went back to class trainer... ofc, not enough golds to train :-(

Bottom line about class training: very expensive!

After lv80 golds are not an issue so I proceed to lvl up Professions! On middle/high skill, the crafting time for an item is tremendous long. Is boring and clueless.

But community was great and helpfully. In the middle of Dalaran were NPC's where you can "buy" gear (T2 set for free) and all others 80's purple gear!

PvP arena 1vs 1

All dailies working (In Northland)

Wintergrasp (WG) working! I remind you: Horde and Alliance can communicate together, so easy Quests done in WG or open world!

Vote option with great VP reward!

Staff members very helpfully, open mind and very active!

All in all: Great Server!!!