FelSword PvPvE 255

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Site Web felsword.com
Discord Discord
Version 2.4.3 The Burning Crusade TBC
Type Friendly Staff PVP Voting Rewards PvE Battlegrounds Funserver Max Level 255 Custom Events Custom World Boss Custom Scripts
Emplacement France
Dernière mise à jour20 Jul 2021
Date d'inscription15 Jun 2016


FelSword PvPvE 255

Felsword is a progressive PvPvE World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade private server with max level of 255, custom leveling zones, instances, dungeons, items, scripted bosses, quests and many more is awaiting to be explored by YOU!

Play NOW:
Set realmlist play.felsword.com

Requirements: Know GM commands, English, free time and to know how to make a lot of events, experience as eventor in fun servers.

Forum Moderator + GM
Requirements: Know GM commands, very good English, skills like forum moderator, free time, attitude and performance, skills with the FusionCMS GM Panel, experience as forum moderator.

Requirements: Know GM commands, good English, excellent attitude and performance and free time, skills with the FusionCMS GM Panel, experience as GM.