UK-RustCon 10x

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Type 10x Gather 10x 14 Upkeep No Bp Wipes Monthly Wipe Better loot
Emplacement United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour23 Jan 2023
Date d'inscription23 Jan 2023


Welcome to UK-Rustcon 10x - 1/4 Upkeep - No BP Wipe!

- Please Be Nice To Each Other.
- English Preferred In Chat.
- No Cheating Or Abuse Of Any Kind.
- 10x Node/Wood Rates.
- 2x Recycler/Smelting Rates.
- Boosted Heli/Bradley.
- Chance Of Up To 10x Components Inside Loot Boxes/Barrels.
- Recyclers at Dome, Oilrigs, Cargo & Fishing.
- 70 Minute Days, 5 Minute Nights.
- Food Doesn't Burn.
- \Trade For Safe Trading Between Players!.

- Wipe Is Every First Thursday Of The Month GMT: 7.30pm
- If You Need Help Contact An Admin.