No Way Out PvPvE

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Type PvEvP Zones AI Events Economy No Gun Ammo Craft Backpacks Zlevels 05x Stack 2x Gather Soloduo
United States
Dernière mise à jour06 Aug 2022
Date d'inscription02 Aug 2022



No Way Out! A small community focused on PvPvE gameplay! 

What we offer:

- Custom AI / PvP Zones at all large monuments, with enhanced radiation. 
- Raidable AI Bases, gear up, get good loot, and rare skins!
- Server wide AI Boss based raiding, community events! 
- RPG Leveling system! Get better and faster with your farming!
- Server Rewards, featuring a GUI-shop with useful, and fun choices.
- Clans, team up with your friends and take control of monuments and AI bases.
- All your favorites! 2x G/S, Vehicle Codelocks, Low Decay, + More!
- And a relaxed place to focus on PvE content, with a spice of PvP. 

Try us out, today! [WIPED 8/4]


- Must have fantastic communication skills!
- Sizable knowledge of how rust works inside and out
- Previous Experience running and or moderating a community.
- Be willing to learn how to run events for the server
- Relaxed and professional