RustyFun - EU 2X Sol

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Discord Discord
Type 2x
Emplacement Poland
Dernière mise à jour03 Jul 2022
Date d'inscription03 Jul 2022


looking for a friendly rust server to play at vacation ? We have perfect proposition for you!

We invite you this Monday to: RustyFun EU|2x Vanilla|Solo/Duo/Trio

What we offer? A friendly and active administration that will help you at any time

-No lag. Our server is hosted on a strong machine which allows fluids to run smoothly without lag.

-Admins do not play or interfere with the gameplay.

-No P2WIN,Kits or other privileges that u will find in our server for money

-Discord server

-Perfectly developed drop script.

-High involvement of the owners in the server.

-Perfectly matched plugins for the X2 server General information about the server and scripts on it

★ Max 3 players in 1 team

★ Drop X2

★ Faster smelting, crafting time by half

★ bright, 5 minutes nights.

★ Fishing Village and Dome recyclers

★ Clans

★ No Kits, Homes, TPRs, P2WIN

★ Furnance splitter for everyone

★ 2x Materials stack

★ Admins do not play or interfere with the gameplay. Wipe info:

★ Server wipe every Monday and Thursday.

★ Monday Fullwipes 16:00, Thursday map wipes 16:00