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Type PVE PVP Rp Biweekly Wipes
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour13 Nov 2022
Date d'inscription14 Jun 2022


🌴 Welcome to The Oasis a PVE server with PVP Zones. Optimized with many plugins to improve your experience on the island.🌴

Bi-Weekly Wipe Monthly BP Wipe 24hr Purge Before Wipe.
Raid-Protection - Scrap For Timed Protection
Clans - Up to 8 Per Clan 4 Roaming Rule
Gathering Levels For Incremental Gathering
Epic Loot Sets You Can Find - Bonuses While Wearing
Increased Stacks
Quests For Server Rewards
Custom Loot Tables
Quarries & Pump Jacks With Locks
Hourly Events
Much Much More!

- Economy With Gather Rewards (/balance)
- Backpacks (/backpack)
- Set Homes, & Teleports (/tpr /outpost /bandit /town) 40 Daily /tpr.
- Recyclers (/recycle)
- Server Rewards With A Store To Spend Points (/s)
- (VIP) Vehicle License (/buy)
- (VIP+) Banks (/bank)

See #server-commands in our Discord for an extensive list of commands in-game.

Our Rules Are Set To Provide A Fun Environment!
- Absolutely No Racism, Sexism, Trolling, Player/Staff Disrespect, or Hate Speech.
- Voice or Chat Spamming will result in
- No Politics. Leave it at the main menu.
- Scripts, Cheats, use of Exploits, or Bots Will Result In A Perm Ban
- Griefing Other Players Is Prohibited
- Clans May Be Up To 8 Members But Only 6 May Roam Together.
- Claim Small Oil & Mil Tunnels in chat when you're on-site.
- All buildings are protected in exchange for Coins. (Excluded during Purge)
- Raiding is allowed on any unprotected buildings. No counter raiding. (Excluded during Purge)
- Traps are not allowed outside of your compound. Turrets CAN NOT shoot outside of your base compound. (Excluded during Purge)
- Line camping will not be tolerated. In or Out. Pick one.
- Trap bases are allowed but you may not bait (Vending, Signs, Loot, Voice, etc.)
- If you're somewhere you're not supposed to be don't be surprised if you get killed. We will not give you your inventory back.
- No Cheesing Titles.
- No walling off monuments. This includes map-generated Quarries.