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Version 317
Type Inferno Group Ironman Ironman
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour13 Jan 2023
Date d'inscription22 Dec 2022


Welcome to RectifyRS, an experience like no other!
We have lots of action-packed content, including multiple custom dungeons, custom wilderness boss events, and an active community. We are just starting out but we are a thriving little community.

RectifyRS is a place where you can call home, with daily events, tournaments, and giveaways happening every single day!

Key features include;
- Custom Chambers of Xeric raids
- Complete Working Theatre of Blood raids
- Custom Wilderness Bossing where everyone has a fair shot
- Active PKing
- Custom dungeons including a crystal dungeon where you can make and earn the infamous Crystal Armor Set
- Skilling events every two hours to make sure you get those skilling gains in, for the more casual player
- Multiple XP rates: 250x for the casual player, and the more extreme 5x rate for the players who like a grind. The 5X XP mode comes with an added Drop Rate Increase, so everything is worthwhile.
- Polled suggestions, so you know the player has the final word in what is implemented

Have you ever wanted a community where you can just be yourself and let loose, while still enjoying yourself?
RectifyRS is the place for you.