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Version 317
Type Achievements Chambers Of Xeric Economy
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour17 Aug 2022
Date d'inscription23 Mar 2022


Introducing RuneRogue, a humble but impressive product that has undergone hundreds of hours of work. My inspiration was to create an experience unlike any other. 
we have just launched 23-03-2022, free rewards to all new players.

+  Nex with leaderboards
+  Money pouch
+  Anti drag
+  Bonus skilling events
+  Lottery with percentages
+  Death cape with 12% drop-rate bonus can be obtained from the vote boss.
+  Active gambling
+  Pets with perks.
+  Group ironman.
+  Automatic tournaments every 2 hours.
+  Active events every 30 mins.
+  Active wilderness events every 60 mins.
+  Chambers of Xeric.
+  Theatre of Blood.
+  The Nightmare of Ashihama.
+  The Inferno.
+  Pest Control.
+  Collection log.
+  Loot tables.
+  Trading post.
+  Barrows minigame.
+  Well of Good Will.
+  Perfected combat system for all pkers and pvmers.
+  Achievements to unlock items and titles and more.
+  Many Wild bosses for the best money making methods.
+  LMS

& so much more, join the grind.