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Version 1.3.6
Type Free To Play Low Rate PVE PVP
Emplacement Germany
Dernière mise à jour15 Aug 2021
Date d'inscription07 Aug 2021


Technical data:

- Core from version 1.5.5 trimmed to 1.3.6
- Rates: x1, quests from version 1.4.6 (Killing fewer mobs and getting more experience)
- Dungeons: 19-109
- 3 races: (Humans, Untameds, Winged Elfs)


- City of Abominations,
- Dragon Temple,
- Valley of Reciprocity,
- Improved Valley of Reciprocity,
- Frostcovered City,
- Twilight Temple,
- Lunar Glade,
- Arena chests,
- Martial Arts Tournament,
- The Cube Race,
- Celestial Tiger Event,
- Nation Wars,
- Autoevents.


- Final gear - 99xx, 95 moon, rank 8.
- Classic refine via tienkang/tisha/chienkun stones and dragon orbs.
- Increased awards and experience for completing quests.
- Our partner program with opportunity to earn gold and real money.
- No golden eggs and dragon orbs in the shop.
- Daily quests on the plate.
- Reduced required number of dragon tokens from Envoy with dragon orders.
- No Perfect·Token of Luck.

Distinguishing Features:

- Bugs for Blademasters, Wizards and Venomancers.
- Storm Teleport Stone.
- Colorful nicknames.
- Improved game interface.
- Added ability to set a trading offline.
- Learning skills remotely (without NPCs) from the skills interface.
- Improved character stats with additional information.
- Easy autopath to target.
- Switching targets on the Tab key.