PW Mirage

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Site Web
Discord Discord
Version 1.3.6
Type PVE Low Rate No Donations
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour30 Dec 2021
Date d'inscription03 Apr 2020


PW Mirage

Classic PvE version 1.3.6 with low rates, no cash shop, very friendly atmosphere, frequent updates, and a ton of custom pw-styled content. Almost 2 year uptime and growing!

The public server was launched in April 2020, and so was the web-based game editor. The server offers the following:

  • PW version 1.3.6 - 3 races - 6 classes
  • various enhancements to the game, either custom or backported from newer versions, e.g. reduced movement/skill casting lag, instant pet summon, or tab targetting
  • ~ x1.75 xp & sp rates, (from both mobs and quests), no hyper stones, leveling is a challenge
  • 5x coin rates (from both mobs and quests)
  • no cash shop, because p2w is evil
  • PvE server - white name is available, but not forced
  • free world chat, Discord integration
  • start at level 20, in Archosaur

Enjoy the player created content, or create the content yourself! Join us today!