Mu Oldschool

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Version Season 8
Type 3x Hard Classic Balanced Pvp Non Reset Low Rate Slow Oldschool Play To Win
Emplacement Brazil
Dernière mise à jour30 Jul 2022
Date d'inscription30 Jul 2022


Mu OldSchool, Hard Classic Server, Balanced PVP, Low Rates, Quality Host

Grand Opening 06/08/2022

Version: Season 8 Premium
Experience: 3x
Master Experience: 2x
Drop Rate: 15%
Maximum Level: 400
Maximum Master Level: 330
Monsters per Spot: 5 - 8
Monsters Power Adjusted
Balanced PVP and PVM
Limit of Max Accounts per IP = 10 (max 10 open game client windows from 1 IP).

Auto Reconnect System

Muun System

Mu Roomy System

Balanced Event rewards

Balanced pvp and pvm

Grand Opening 06/08/2022