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Version Season 16 S16
Type 30x
United States
Dernière mise à jour18 Sep 2021
Date d'inscription18 Sep 2021


Welcome to MUARCHANGEL Season 16 EP2-2
The MUARCHANGEL server, will bring many new features and a different style of play!
For those players looking for a more difficult and ferocious style of play.
The HARD server gives you the chance to get good gear just by playing!
Are you prepared?

OPENING: 18.September.2021 - 14h server time. Or check our Automatic Counter for opening on our website!

# Server information # ?

- » Version: Season16 EP 2-2 (HOT)
- » Experience Normal: 30x
- » Experience Master: 15x
- » Experience Majestic: 5x
- » Drop: 15%
- » BugBles: Offline
- » Reset: No Reset (build)
- » Game Style: Farm

# What's new in version # ?

-» New character: Gun Crusher
-» New Skill: MG
-» New Moss Merchant
-» New maps: Byssal / Scorched Canyon / Temple of Anil
-» New Mastery equipment: Manticore and Silver heart Weapons
-» New Excellent item evolution system!
-» New Earring Features
-» New Elite monsters!
-» New Necklace items (Sockets with Excellent options)

# Server Customizations # ?

-» New eggs added to support new egg collection function.
-» Tote bags configured to dropping eggs.
-» Added special egg for mounts.
-» New versions included custom invasions for the egg hunt system.
-» Custom Socket Item Drop [Choose how to drop each item randomly from 1 to 5 random options].
-» Custom new Invasion [New custom invasions by map].
-» Custom new Starting character reward [Start new characters with items, pets and or time stamps].
-» Custom game spots [All server spawns marked in the" TAB "key].
-» Custom moss merchant system [Exclusive currency for moss merchant, new exclusive categories for each class].
-» Custom new event snakes
-» Custom new invasion for high players
-» Custom Game client coin [Possibility of selling new personalized currencies. [WCoin by WCoin].
-» Custom Game client coin [Possibility of selling new personalized currencies. [Ruud by Ruud].
-» Collect eggs from raiding monsters directly to regular inventory
-» Custom new features for all events reward
-» Custom reward for Doppelganger and others

# Party Bonus Experience #

MembersExperience Rate Same Character ClassesDifferent Classes

2 Players EXP% + 4%EXP% + 4%
3 Players EXP% + 6%EXP% + 10%
4 Players EXP% + 8%EXP% + 12%
5 Players EXP% + 10%EXP% + 14%