The Old land

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Site Web
Discord Discord
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.20.x
Type Rpg Roleplay Land Claim Dungeons Mythicmobs Survival Free Ranks
Emplacement Germany
Dernière mise à jour21 Oct 2023
Date d'inscription25 Sep 2023


Are you ready for an adventurous Minecraft survival journey with a flair for adventure? Welcome to The Old Land server - which offers an unparalleled survival experience like no other. Let’s walk through its key features, making the Old Land server an outstanding option for players of all ages and levels of play.

Welcome to The Old Land
At The Old Land server, we aim to offer an engaging Minecraft survival experience suitable for players of all ages creating an adventure-rich Minecraft survival environment where exploration, building, and survival come hand-in-hand in an unpredictable and thrilling virtual environment filled with endless challenges and surprises.

Survival with a Twist
Survival in the Old Land features some exciting elements that add extra challenges and fun. Hydration plays an essential part in gameplay. To stay alive, you must find clean water sources to remain hydrated throughout. To succeed at survival, you will have to find ways to stay hydrated at all times.

Survivalists seeking to master their art of survival may benefit from consulting the server for recipes for the use of a Filtering Machine. This indispensable survival tool purifies water for safe consumption. The server provides instructions for this revolutionary filter that purifies it before becoming part of your survival toolbox.

Claim Your Territory
In the Old Land, life goes beyond survival you thrive. The Lands plugin gives players access to create and manage territories whether your goal is establishing a quiet cabin in the woods or an active community, taking control over a piece of Old Land is within your hands by claiming its territory and managing it well.

Managing your land and territories becomes paramount as your presence expands within a server. Will you become a nomadic wanderer or ruler over vast territories? Ultimately, that decision lies with you alone.

The Old Land server provides an appealing blend of survival, adventure, and RPG elements tailored towards players of all ages  providing plenty of exciting gameplay moments every moment in this expansive open-world environment. Stay hydrated as you battle custom mobs or explore dungeons for maximum excitement in The Old Land server.

Join the Old Land on an incredible survival journey unlike any other. Your story in this stunning world awaits being written.